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Pre-Exposure Rabies Immunization

Pre-exposure prophylaxis is given for several reasons. First, it may provide protection to persons with no apparent exposure to rabies. Second, it may protect persons whose post-exposure therapy might be delayed. Finally, although pre-exposure vaccination does not eliminate the need for additional therapy after rabies exposure, it simplifies the therapy by eliminating the need for human rabies immune globulin and decreasing the number of doses needed.

The Florida Animal Control Association believes that all animal control and protection officers and those working in the eld of animal control or protection should be protected from the possibility of exposure to rabies.

From a public health standpoint and as a result of the increase of rabies in the wild animal population in the past several years, FACA recommends that all agencies provide pre-exposure rabies immunizations to all employees who work directly with animals. The immune status of the workers should be checked every two years with a titer test.